To A Special Child

29 Oct


Once there was a little girl

 That Jesus specially made

He formed her like Himself

 So she could make the grade.

Her life became a struggle and 

Several wrong turns she did take

But throughout every Continue Reading

The Apple

30 Jul



God is smiling on you

He is approving you

You are His beloved

You are His favorite

You are His selected & elected

You are His creation

You are His delight

You are His pearl

You are His Continue Reading

A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 4 of 4

23 Jul

medI decided at that moment we should go to the Medical Group and show Dr. Cat what Jesus did for David. I had never even given it a thought that a doctor should know about a dog bite, I was … Continue Reading

A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 3 of 4

16 Jul

matt2122As I lay there giving thanks to God, with David and Joe asleep next to me, I realized I hadn’t looked at David’s mouth once, not once! I just knew in my heart that God had answered my prayer. Perhaps … Continue Reading

A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 2 of 4

9 Jul

jesus and boy 3I sat on the edge of the tub in the bathroom with David in my lap bleeding from his lip. As I went to place the fresh ice Joe gave me against his mouth, I asked the Lord to place … Continue Reading

A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 1 of 4

2 Jul

20140701_202253Arnold, our beagle, had just snuggled into our bed one night while my husband Joe and I were falling asleep.  I felt his warm, little body trying to nestle under our covers as he made himself comfortable.   Arnold was just … Continue Reading

Prisoners of Hope : Part 4 of 4

25 Jun

hugGrace saw one lady crying uncontrollably. She embraced this young woman, knowing she was breaking the rules. She told Grace that she had just returned from her young son’s burial. He had been murdered and the hatred she had for … Continue Reading

Prisoner of Hope : Part 3 of 4

18 Jun

After all the women were seated the guards signaled to Grace that she could begin. She walked to the front and started to sing in her beautiful voice while Larry played his guitar in the background. She didn’t even introduce … Continue Reading

Prisoners of Hope : Part 2 of 4

11 Jun

Grace gave us some instructions that were given to her by the guards. There was to be NO physical contact with the prisoners. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! We were not to ask them any questions and to stay at least 5 … Continue Reading

Prisoners of Hope: Part 1 of 4

4 Jun

praying handsMy very special friend, Grace, who has a healing ministry called Grace N’ Vessels, called me one morning and told me that she was going to minister at the Bedford Maximum Prison for women that evening and would like for … Continue Reading