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Amazing Gracie – Part 3 of 11

23 Jan

We followed Sarianne back into the house into her large family room. Taking our seats among the sofas and chairs we enjoyed a nice lunch that had already been set out. During lunch, Grace shared her personal testimony with us … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 2 of 11

16 Jan

Later that week, Sarianne called and asked if we would like to come to her house in Connecticut for lunch and to meet Grace. Since Grace & Sarianne both lived in Danbury, this was the perfect place to convene.

When … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 1 of 11

9 Jan

After traveling with a caravan of followers for several months, mom, Gini and I made our last attendance to a Father Di’Orio service at small church in Danbury, Connecticut. Father DiOrio was going to be conducting his Healing Services in … Continue Reading