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Amazing Gracie – Part 6 of 11

20 Feb

There was one evening of worship that stood out and will never be forgotten, ever!  During a service, Grace called anyone with physical disabilities to come for prayer. This was unusual as she was always very specific regarding a “Word … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 5 of 11

13 Feb

Shortly after her “new” found gift was revealed to her, Grace embarked upon a public ministry. We were invited to support her in prayer and attendance. We were ecstatic and invited my dad explaining how we found another Father D’Orio, … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 4 of 11

6 Feb

We soon learned that God apparently did more than visit her on that fateful night. He imparted her with a special gift. Her voice. She would sing like an angel AND when she did, something miraculous would take place…healing. It … Continue Reading