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Amazing Gracie – Part 9 of 11

20 Mar

Grace saw the crowds swelling. She decided to step out onto the stage a little earlier than usual and started singing, “God of Miracles.” After finishing her song, (she later told us) she realized that her father was in the … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 8 of 11

13 Mar

When the day of the event arrived, Honey, Gini and I proceeded over to the center. We were filled with anticipation to see what God had in store for everyone that wonderful August night.

Upon arriving, we noticed only one … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 7 of 11

6 Mar

Grace always spoke of her estranged father, George. She believed that he would return one day and meet the Lord. Many years before, while Grace was just a girl, he told Grace that he would have nothing to do with … Continue Reading