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Adventures With God

25 Sep

Our next set of stories is titled “Adventures with God”

“Adventures with God” took place as we grew in the knowledge of our loving Lord.  Life became more exciting than ever imagined. We believed God according to His Word –  … Continue Reading


18 Sep


A continued thought…….

We may find it difficult to love ourselves and may even wonder if we really love God with all our hearts whom we can’t see.

Relax – God knows this.  The truth is, We Continue Reading

Looking for Love?

4 Sep



         “Here I AM!”

                                     Says, Almighty God!

         “I first loved you!”

               “You are always on My mind!”

               “I AM always there, I will never leave you!”

                                                                                   Says, God!


          “I watch over you tenderly!”

          “I do understand what you Continue Reading