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A Little Getaway : Part 3 of 6: The Restroom Rejection

23 Oct

About an hour later the kids were asking if we could stop to use the bathroom. Expecting that to be a normal request, I said, “Dad, we need to use the restroom. Would you mind stopping whenever you can.”Rest Area Sign

To … Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 2 of 6: God – The Ultimate Air Freshener

16 Oct


We have a friend, Grace, who is a famous, singing evangelist. We traveled all over the northeast to pray and support her at her musical healing services. During this time with her, we learned about Praise and Worship while … Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 1 of 6

9 Oct

It was the summer of 1981 and this little vacation was to be an unusual one. First, because we never went on vacation and second, we were all going with my dad. This may not seem strange, but let me … Continue Reading