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Peace Be Still : Part 4 of 4

28 May

prov3My life was constantly turning around towards Jesus, through His Word I became an “impassioned” believer and couldn’t help it.  His love took me by surprise.  I saw Him in everything as though He was always around.  I desperately needed … Continue Reading

Peace Be Still : Part 3 of 4

21 May

Keeping God’s Word in our heart keeps Jesus in our Life

107This miracle from God, that “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” (Ps. 107:20 NKJV) was exactly that – a pure miracle and … Continue Reading

Peace Be Still : Part 2 of 4

14 May

thCA95K1VWThe water was gorgeous.  Crystal clear, with just a slight breeze to cool us off. The sky was sunny and blue, a perfect boat day. Gini and I decided that instead of relaxing on the dock we would go with … Continue Reading

Peace Be Still : Part 1 of 4

7 May

boatMy brother-in-law Sam owned a motor boat that he used to take his son Michael, 13, fishing at the Norwalk Sound. Sam thought it would be nice to take my two boys, Joey 11 and David 4 out with them. … Continue Reading