A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 3 of 4

16 Jul

matt2122As I lay there giving thanks to God, with David and Joe asleep next to me, I realized I hadn’t looked at David’s mouth once, not once! I just knew in my heart that God had answered my prayer. Perhaps by His Presence, His Peace, His Love that surrounded us all, perhaps that’s what told me, because I knew not with my own mind but by faith that what I had asked for, He had done. It was His desire to answer us, calm us and heal us.

I must have dozed off for a bit, as the sun was now peeping into the same window on the east side of the house where the street light was the night before. Joe was also just waking up.

All of a sudden I remembered last night.  David!  I looked at Joe and we looked at David. My hand, which was now holding a bag of water instead of ice, had fallen off his lip. We both looked at his face as tears flooded my eyes.  There was the most beautiful lip back in place exactly as it should look. He was bitten on the upper portion of his lip and the tear had gone through the area above his lip, only it was altogether and closed tightly and both pieces of skin met naturally without swelling or even blood.  I held him again dd4thanking God for healing David.

Then David awoke as though everything was alright. He looked at where he was and even wondered why he was in our bed.  I told him that Jesus had healed his lip and face perfectly, he was fine and made whole.  His big brown eyes were glistening as he remembered what happened last night.  We closely watched the freckles that marched across his nose and cheeks as this big, beautiful smile beamed across his face with his lips that looked brand new!  He knew Jesus was real, oh so ever real.


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