About Us

The Honey Bunch - Paulette, Honey , Gini


Welcome to our blog, No Hungry Hearts Here. The four of us…Honey (The Grandma), Gini & Paulette (The Daughters) & Christina (The Granddaughter)…span three generations & call ourselves “The Honey Bunch.”

The impetus behind this blog occurred many years ago during the Christmas of 1977. Of course there were no blogs then, but that event sparked an idea that many years later would evolve into this blog. That story can be read here: How No Hungry Hearts Here Came To Be.

We have shared & spread God’s everlasting love for over 30 years. God’s ultimate desire is to reach your heart & allow you to receive His love…the greatest gift of all!

Within the pages of this blog, our heart’s desire is to bring you joy, encouragement & hope through true stories of God’s amazing love.