A Little Getaway : Part 6 of 6: Praising Him

20 Nov

 As new Christians in the Lord, we praise the Lord not completely understanding what this means. By praising God in the middle of our struggles and hard times we take the control away from Satan and give it back to God who then takes control of the situation and helps us overcome it.

This means when you praise God and thank Him then you are giving the situation you are in over to Him. He takes you out of it and puts Himself in it and leads you into victory.

On our getaway to Rhode Island we found out that God was there the whole time wanting to help us with our dad “situation.” All we had to do was keep focused on Him. Even though we knew a five hour road trip with three young children would be trying on my dad’s patience, God listened as we praised and worshiped Him and filled us with a sense of peace and Joy because we knew He had our situation under His control.

We watched as the Lord’s presence around us changed my dad’s attitude giving him the patience and joy he needed to handle three young children and their mothers. What could have been a very very long hard trip turned out to be fun, exciting and enjoyable for all of us. All because we thanked Him for taking control.

                             “WE ENTERED INTO HIS COURTS WITH PRAISE!”

                                                            (Psalm 100:4 NIV)

This scripture came to life on that little getaway, bringing us together with great joy.  God does not have favorites. What He does for one person He will do for everyone! (Acts 10:34-35 NIV)

Something great, besides our victory, came out of praising God during those challenges we experienced in that car ride. You will see that some circumstances will be changed instantly as you saw with my dad in the car. Other times it may take a while longer, however the Good News is that while we wait, expecting and believing, WE are changed.

By looking to Jesus we become like Him. Take a mirror for example, it would be like looking at your reflection and seeing Jesus’  reflection looking back at you. Our minds can be put at ease, released from fear, stress, worry, anxiety and replaced with peace, joy and rest.This is done without any effort or struggle on your part. It is done simply by praising and thanking God, and when you praise God your faith grows stronger. (2 Corinthians 3:13-18, Romans 4:20-21 NIV)                                                                                                                                       

                                 WHEN CHALLENGED – CHOOSE                             

We could have ruined our family vacation by getting angry and fighting. We could have let the devil get the best of us, could have easily given in to him instead of looking toward God. But we already won that fight against the devil. That problem was solved for us when Jesus gave his life on the cross. He took all our pain, anger, strife, and confusion on Him when He died so that we wouldn’t have to feel these things when we trusted in Him.

 All we have to do is praise God and thank Him for all He has done for us. Thank Him for what His Son did for us so that we could be free from that anger and strife. So that we can enjoy our victory over satan. That day we learned first hand to look above the problem, ignore the circumstances and thank God for the answer. God delivered us through the power of praise which is still at work today.

May the praises of God lead you to victory and triumph in every area of your life!




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