The Miracle on the Patio: Part 2 of 6

12 Feb

Honey was still on the ground, not moving. I was still on top of her shouting out scripture. This went on for about 15 to 20 minutes. I realized that I  hadn’t picked up my head to see what was going on around me or to even check on Honey when all of a sudden I was shoved off of her.

I opened my eyes to see if it was the boys pushing me.  It was then I realized I wasn’t going to have to stay there all day because it kneelwas Honey pushing me off of herself. I hit the grass face down taking my Bible with me.  I dared not even look at Honey because I knew God was there, He was present.

All I wanted to do was to thank Him, honor Him and give Him worship and praise.  With my face in the grass for as long as I could remember,  that is exactly what I did.

After a while Honey nudged me.  She explained what was happening to her as she lay helpless and pinned under my body hearing words of faith spoken over her.  She was unable to speak out loud or to move any part of her body as she was paralyzed.  Yet she heard everything in her heart and she called out to God.

‘I believe what Paulette is speaking is true, Lord I believe it is true, thank you , thank you for healing me.  Lord, I want to move, speak what I believe out loud, but I can’t….but I believe Lord, I believe I am healed by the stripes of Jesus”.

thanksAs she exclaims this statement over and over within herself she felt a heat touch her forehead and travel down past  her eyes and they opened!  She saw a huge yellow ball of light over the northeastern hill, but not where the sun was at all.  Emanating from this unnaturally bright power was intense heat in this ball of light which ignited Honey’s body with the presence of God.  This intense heat flowed through  her body  like a power surge as each and every part became alive with feeling until she had enough strength to push me off of herself and answer God with her own words out loud.

“Lord I receive my healing, thank you, thank you , thank you.”

I knew what had happened and couldn’t stop thanking Him with my face still in the grass, I really never wanted to even get up.  My kids were frozen still on the same hill watching us .  I arose from my prostate position, gazing into Honey’s face with awe, astonishment and joy knowing  we were in the presence of  God and a miracle had just taken place.

While rejoicing with her, giving Him thanksgiving through our tears and smiles all at the same time I instantly remembered something!

“Mom”,  I said directly,  “ Don’t talk any more except to praise God, no other words other than praise and thanksgiving, we are in the  midst of a miracle  – It is 1:20 PM.  God has just healed you miraculously.   The devil doesn’t like this. ….we must not give him a place AT ALL.  I just believe with all of my heart we must stay in thanksgiving and remember the time of day this happened, and no matter what tries to follow, we’ll say,“NO devil, Honey is ALREADY healed, it happened at 1:20 PM, its too late to tell us your lies, we don’t believe you, we believe GOD”.

Mom wholeheartedly agreed.



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