Amazing Gracie – Part 10 of 11

10 Apr

It was truly an emotional sight. Our own tears flowed uncontrollably. I was sobbing, my makeup was running and I couldn’t stop the tears. Others started to get out of their seats to move forward, but we fixed our eyes on George. Those of us who knew what was transpiring were on the edge of our seats. Others had no idea of what was happening.

Grace, was so well composed that it was a miracle in itself. She was watching her estranged dad cry out and hunger for love as he made his way towards her for the first time in her life. Grace allowed the moment to briefly ensconce her as she started to gasp with tears, but then quickly contained herself. She was amazing under the power of God as she ushered her father into God’s arms.

The ladies that helped maneuver him forward also stayed with him as Grace started to walk towards her dad. His arms started to reach for Grace, but were awkwardly postured as if they seemed to be vibrating. The sight was quite unusual, but obviously supernatural.

As their eyes met, there was no turning back. This was the day she longed for, prayed for, and spoke to her Abba “Daddy” God about so many times in her lifetime. She was prepared in her heart, yet her body had to follow His cues, or she could easily fall apart and lose it. Then their hands met magnetically locking themselves forever. Her other hand, which so often was raised to heaven for others, now raised to heaven for her very own father.

He looked into her angelic face and said, “You’re beautiful!” She started to pray, only this time choking up, her words breaking, the music filling the void. She continued exhorting the crowd,

“Place one hand on your hearts and one up to God and pray with me, ‘Father, I want your Son, Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me of all my sins.  I’m so sorry, Lord.  I’m sorry, Lord.  Thank you Father that I am saved. I’m ready to meet you at any time.  Thank you Jesus“.

We could have heard a pin drop, as he responded,“Thank you Jesus” over and over. At that very moment, George was hoisted up onto the stage by the ministry. There he was standing with his daughter, Grace for the first time in thirty years. George became overwhelmed as he embraced Grace, saying, “I love you daughter,” as he kissed her forehead. Grace whispered, “I love you dad, and so does God!” He had been gloriously saved by God, just as God promised!

Grace joyously introduced him to the crowd, “This is my father. Tonight, he met our Father!”

The crowed roared! Grace remained flawless handling the next moments poignantly as she shared their story to the audience. She let her dad describe in his own words how he arrived at this moment. His candor said a lot as he described himself as the “Devil” and confessed, “How else could I have missed my beautiful daughter and God’s love for me all these years!”

Grace’s voice boomed over the sound system as she assured her attendees, “Never give up, never, never!  Look up!”

That balmy, August night, Grace shared her most personal moment with 5000 of God’s people. A moment which she faithfully waited for over thirty years.

And that was only the beginning of the service.

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