Amazing Gracie – Part 4 of 11

6 Feb

We soon learned that God apparently did more than visit her on that fateful night. He imparted her with a special gift. Her voice. She would sing like an angel AND when she did, something miraculous would take place…healing. It is called the “Gift of Healing.” The Gift of Healing releases God’s healing power to flow through the evangelist as God’s Spirit wills.  This phenomena takes place while preaching the Good News through song and lifting up Jesus.

God had all the power and He would use Grace as a vessel. Grace would always be the first to proclaim, “I heal no one, only God can do that. I give the Glory and thanks to Jesus.”

Although this Gift was imparted on her, Grace’s life progressed as her family’s situation improved. Due to a veteran’s bill, her family was allowed to move into a new apartment in White Plains, N.Y.

Just as things really started to really look up for Grace and her family, at 13 years old Grace was stricken with a life threatening illness. Never distraught, Grace always knew to turn to Jesus and trust only Him for everything she needed in her life. Her condition was no different. As she believed for sickness to leave her body it came to be. She received that miracle and was completely cured.

Despite her ups and downs, Grace continued to sing. Her voice was not without notice. When Grace turned 17, she was offered a scholarship to the Julliard School of Music. As tempting as an offer like this was, Grace turned down this prestigious invitation. She chose instead to devote her voice and life to Jesus. Grace would answer His precious “Call” on her life and tell the Catholic people about Jesus and His amazing gift of Love and new life. She would explain that God wasn’t angry with them, but has forgiven them and that He loves, understands and cares for them. Even though her “calling” was to minister to Catholics, crowds from all denominations flocked and followed Grace and the Good News she proclaimed.

Grace later married and moved to a suburban community in Connecticut. Here she would spend much of her time witnessing & teaching the teens in the surrounding neighborhoods through her own home bible study. Grace would eventually have four children of her own and as her kids grew, so did her bible study. At one point it was up to 75 teens! As the kids lives changed for the better, their parents, who once were either oblivious or ambivalent to her, started to take notice.

Even though Grace had been blessed with the “Gift of Healing” at a very young age she never acted upon it outside of her singing. It wasn’t until she was invited to minister in song at a Catholic church in nearby Ridgefield that this all changed.

While singing in this little church in Ridgefield, Connecticut, Grace began ministering to a 24 year old paraplegic man in a wheelchair.  It was then that Grace was suddenly moved to tell the man to “Rise and be healed!” Although this “sensing” was not new to her, she had never acted on this “knowing” before. She told us that for some reason on that day in that small church in Connecticut, God was ready for her to share His Gift of Healing with others. She had no choice but to follow! (Her mind had be made up.)

With those words, the young man rose and walked out of his wheelchair! To the shock of the congregation and the priest no one knew what to make of this miracle.  For Grace, she understood. Jesus, her friend, was moving by His Spirit through her. As she sang, her voice was filled with the Lord’s healing power. She knew it was time, but wasn’t sure what to do with this newly revealed Gift.

Later that day, after the service was over, Grace asked God, what she is to do next. That’s when He spoke to her heart and told her to go to His Catholic people for they did not know Him as He wants them to know him. He would show her how and He would always be with her.  Although a huge job for her, He filled her with His ability, gumption, strength and charisma. These traits would be necessary for the challenges that would lie ahead.

It was around this time that mom, Gini & I were introduced to Grace. It couldn’t have been a more perfect juncture in our lives. Father Di’Orio was leaving us, but a beautiful, new door had been opened allowing us to continue our quest for the love, wisdom and compassion that could only be found surrounding the Lord.

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