Amazing Gracie – Part 5 of 11

13 Feb

Shortly after her “new” found gift was revealed to her, Grace embarked upon a public ministry. We were invited to support her in prayer and attendance. We were ecstatic and invited my dad explaining how we found another Father D’Orio, only this time it was a woman. Shocked (not that she was a woman, but because there was another person like Father Di’Orio), he came too. We continued our journey as a family in God.

Grace was nicknamed “Amazing Grace”, as her musical services were just that. Travelling with a full scale band and singers, there was music for the soul, humor for the heart, God’s love and His Word shared in between. She reached all kinds of people and all kinds of ages…it was truly an amazing phenomena.

Grace wore the most beautiful gowns during her services. Usually silk or flowing chiffon they erupted with rich hues of color & class. These were all given as gifts for her to adorn during these services. Exuberant, elaborate and electrically eye catching, Grace became entertaining in a unprecedented way. She would be God’s personal mouthpiece announcing His desires for people personally.

Her emphatic “Words of Knowledge” which she spoke, made no mistake regarding what was to happen next….for there was always a manifestation of His Power which accompanied her “Word”. This Gift of the Spirit, called the “Word of Knowledge”, was the way God communicated to Grace by a knowing regarding a circumstance, person or specific event.  God’s answer to the need was the result. It came to her as a simple thought or impression.  As she would yield to this thought and knowing, by speaking it out loud, she allowed the blessing to take place as God would answer the need and the result would be evident.

We thought initially that her services would start small, then grow, but it was nothing of the sort. The Catholic churches that invited her were packed out, without even standing room. Many waited outside hoping to get in. As the news traveled, the sick, needy, lonely and curious came from afar. The newspapers and media awaited amongst the crowds

Her musical healing services reached out from the Catholic churches into the community.  Performing at street parades, in prison services, political rallies – and once even interceding a gang war! However the Holy Spirit led her, Grace would go. It didn’t matter where or to what religious denomination. She was there – and we followed too.

We were privileged to become a friend of Grace, gratefully attended as many services as we could. The caravans of people and cars continued, as they did with Father D’Orio. Her services were kept local which allowed our frequent attendance. Soon our passion became focused on the people attending, caring for their needs and praying ahead of time for them as well as during the services. She dubbed us her “intercessors,” which means we took the place of another in prayer.

I remembered something that, Sarianne called us shortly after we met Grace. She used the word Pentecostal to describe us. I wondered what this meant. I thought I was a traitor to the faith, thinking Catholic was all there was. I shared my uncertainty with Sarianne.

Sarianne quenched my concerns explaining, “It’s OK. You worship the same Jesus from the Catholic church, only you are not bound by religion, rituals and traditions of men.”

We we so relived and invigorated at the same time. This was wonderful news! Sarianne spoke the truth as Grace’s ministry was even more like the book I had read about Kathryn Kulman and her healing services just years before.

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