Amazing Gracie – Part 7 of 11

6 Mar

Grace always spoke of her estranged father, George. She believed that he would return one day and meet the Lord. Many years before, while Grace was just a girl, he told Grace that he would have nothing to do with her & her religion. Apparently, he was adamant about keeping his word. George did not see her or contact her for over thirty years!

Grace had forgiven him and loved him from her heart. She refused to let go of his miracle. Tenacious as a bulldog, she candidly told everyone as though she and the Lord had an appointment with him. We all believed her too!

Funny, how faith is contagious.

Even though George did not stay in contact with Grace directly, Grace stayed in contact with George’s family. They would often tell Grace how they’d encourage him to reconcile with her. At times they would find him listening to Grace’s music when he thought that no one was around. They told her how he admired her and always knew there was something special and beautiful about her ever since she was young.

Then the day that she had been believing for finally arrived. Grace received word from George’s family that her father wanted to meet her again. She had only seen him once since he had left her as a little girl, and that didn’t go well. Grace told us that this meeting would be much different.

As she received the wonderful news that her father wanted to reunite with her, she was also preparing for her biggest event yet. A musical healing service that would be held at the largest facility in the city of White Plains, N. Y. The venue, named the County Center, held 5,000 people!

She informed us that she would invite her father to that service. What beautiful timing. Not only would Grace be able to rekindle the relationship with her father, she would also be able to touch thousands of people at one time through the power of God. One of those being her own dad! Only God could have arranged such a miraculous culmination of events.

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