Amazing Gracie – Part 9 of 11

20 Mar

Grace saw the crowds swelling. She decided to step out onto the stage a little earlier than usual and started singing, “God of Miracles.” After finishing her song, (she later told us) she realized that her father was in the building, but not yet in the front row. Her heart sang out a song that she usually sings later in the service when she reaches out to people’s hearts. Not wanting to fix her eyes purposely on her father, and to keep her emotions in check, she made sure she scanned the entire crowd. She had to capture the moment as she definitely felt compelled by the Holy Spirit not to wait any longer. It was time.

I could sense Grace looking towards the back of the room so I stood to see if she had spotted her dad. There I noticed a small group of people who seemed to be “encouraging” a man to enter the service with them. I could only assume that this was her dad and his family. He was noticeably agitated and understandably a bit anxious. I don’t think he ever expected to be attending such a magnanimous event. Not to mention one that his own daughter was conducting. It had to be overwhelming to say the least.

As George and his family finally took their seats next to us, Grace started to sing a new song called, “Please Search the Book Again.” She purposely chose this song as it included the lyrics “Please don’t close the book, my name’s not in there!”

As I write this blog post, I can still hear Grace’s voice and feel the Lord’s presence as if it were yesterday.

George, still visibly uncomfortable, was stirring restlessly in his seat. Grace had already located her dad and was looking directly at him. Her eyes fixed on his for the first time since she was ten years old. Finishing her song, she continued with the intensity of the moment and declared over the 5000 in attendance,

“God loves you and He is here tonight to bless you. He loves every one of you. He desires to heal you, touch you, save you and deliver you! He wants to fill your life with peace and joy unspeakable. He loves YOU!”

She delivered this message as much to the audience as she did to her dad. With God’s power on her side, she continued by telling her attendees that although they might not believe there is a God, or why life has been so hard on them leaving them bitter and resentful, that God was not the cause of their suffering and unhappiness. God wasn’t there to punish them but to love them.

Instead the truth be told, they felt that way because God was missing from their life, while all the time He has loved them with an everlasting love, desiring deeply to reach them to tell them, “I Love You.”  He cares so much He gave up His only Beloved Son, Jesus, allowed Him to die a horrible death, crucified on a cross ransoming them from a death that He suffered for them and that they did not have to face.

When they come to know Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior, they have a new life, freely and forever with Him as a free Gift.

She continued exhorting that all is paid for by His Blood and sacrifice for them, without condemnation, judgment or punishment, ever!  It is finished!  She concluded, they are made brand new, with a new life, with nothing they have ever said or done to be held against them again  – all their sins will be wiped clean!

Then Grace declared,

“Are you ready to give your life to God and come forward and invite Jesus into your heart and live forever?  If you are, please come forward!”  With her arms reaching out toward heaven and her father, her eyes shining with lights, she poignantly continued, “You will have a new life in Jesus Christ!”

Her father, still obviously conflicted, gave in to Grace’s offering and arose to amble towards his beautiful daughter. He was so overcome with emotion that he had to be escorted by his family to the stage. Grace walked towards her father as she saw him approaching. As he got closer to the stage, he started gasping, “Please forgive me.”….. “Help me, I want to get saved.” “ I’m so sorry.”

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