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Prisoners of Hope : Part 4 of 4

25 Jun

hugGrace saw one lady crying uncontrollably. She embraced this young woman, knowing she was breaking the rules. She told Grace that she had just returned from her young son’s burial. He had been murdered and the hatred she had for … Continue Reading

Prisoner of Hope : Part 3 of 4

18 Jun

After all the women were seated the guards signaled to Grace that she could begin. She walked to the front and started to sing in her beautiful voice while Larry played his guitar in the background. She didn’t even introduce … Continue Reading

Prisoners of Hope : Part 2 of 4

11 Jun

Grace gave us some instructions that were given to her by the guards. There was to be NO physical contact with the prisoners. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! We were not to ask them any questions and to stay at least 5 … Continue Reading

Prisoners of Hope: Part 1 of 4

4 Jun

praying handsMy very special friend, Grace, who has a healing ministry called Grace N’ Vessels, called me one morning and told me that she was going to minister at the Bedford Maximum Prison for women that evening and would like for … Continue Reading

Peace Be Still : Part 4 of 4

28 May

prov3My life was constantly turning around towards Jesus, through His Word I became an “impassioned” believer and couldn’t help it.  His love took me by surprise.  I saw Him in everything as though He was always around.  I desperately needed … Continue Reading

Peace Be Still : Part 3 of 4

21 May

Keeping God’s Word in our heart keeps Jesus in our Life

107This miracle from God, that “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” (Ps. 107:20 NKJV) was exactly that – a pure miracle and … Continue Reading

Peace Be Still : Part 2 of 4

14 May

thCA95K1VWThe water was gorgeous.  Crystal clear, with just a slight breeze to cool us off. The sky was sunny and blue, a perfect boat day. Gini and I decided that instead of relaxing on the dock we would go with … Continue Reading

Peace Be Still : Part 1 of 4

7 May

boatMy brother-in-law Sam owned a motor boat that he used to take his son Michael, 13, fishing at the Norwalk Sound. Sam thought it would be nice to take my two boys, Joey 11 and David 4 out with them. … Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 6 of 6: Praising Him

20 Nov

 As new Christians in the Lord, we praise the Lord not completely understanding what this means. By praising God in the middle of our struggles and hard times we take the control away from Satan and give it back to … Continue Reading

A Little Getaway : Part 5 of 6: A Revelation

13 Nov

Later while we all prayed and thanked God for what He had done for us with our dad on this trip to Rhode Island, mom pictured in her mind a Yale padlock that was opened up.

We remembered a scripture … Continue Reading