The Miracle on the Patio: Part 5 of 6

12 Mar


At approximately 8:00 that night we both went into Honey’s bedroom where she sat in her chair by the window while I sat on her bed facing her.

We stopped praising God and just looked at each other.

I said, “What do you supposed happened?”

Right then, as though I expected to get an answer, Honey saw written out in the air with her eyes opened, the words “EPHESIANS 4:12.” 

The vision didn’t go away until she spoke the scripture to me. We immediately looked it up and read it aloud but had no idea what it meant. “To equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” 

We just continued to thank God for everything. I was soon to find out the scripture’s significance on the next day. The day we had all enrolled in the “Leadership Institute” program over satellite from Texas.

This Bible school was reaching over 500 churches in North America which were anticipating its opening. Ephesians 4:12 was their logo for the school’s new and special two year Bible program which Honey, my sister Gini and I were planning to attend.

Over the next three years, we finally understood what God was doing for us exactly as the scripture Ephesians 4:12 said.

We would be building up the faith in the Body of Christ for all to come into unity.





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