Peace Be Still : Part 4 of 4

28 May

prov3My life was constantly turning around towards Jesus, through His Word I became an “impassioned” believer and couldn’t help it.  His love took me by surprise.  I saw Him in everything as though He was always around.  I desperately needed Him…and He loved me!

By believing God’s Word, which is His will, “Peace Be Still” was born in my heart from God, and spoken through me. They became supernatural words in a natural situation.  They were the answer to life’s need during that storm ridden hour where the waves tried to frighten and threaten our lives.  Those words, God’s Words, answered and triumphed.  A creative power was formed and released when they were spoken in faith.  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it (for death or for life).” (Prov. 18-21 Amp.)

Based on the authority given to us from the Lord in Gen. 1:28, God gave dominion to man to rule over the earth, which includes storms.  Adam’s authority ended when he gave his rights over to Satan in the garden, but Jesus paid the price, He redeemed us and restored our authority.  During that storm, we exercised our authority on His behalf in Jesus Name. We were able to pray knowing we are victorious over the situation because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

This is a picture of God’s grace at work on our behalf.  He gave me a dream to warn me, He reminded me what to remember, He empowered me with His words and delivered us from all destruction.

Keeping God’s Word in our heart keeps Jesus in our life.

Let it be known-all the Glory goes to God, as everything points to Jesus the WORD OF GOD.  bib

*   His unconditional love

*   His precious mercy for our   faults

*  His goodness for our needs

*  His favor and grace which is undeserved

                                                    All this abounded towards us……….Always  remembering,  always thanking Him, in His grace, always!


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