Peace Be Still : Part 1 of 4

7 May

boatMy brother-in-law Sam owned a motor boat that he used to take his son Michael, 13, fishing at the Norwalk Sound. Sam thought it would be nice to take my two boys, Joey 11 and David 4 out with them. We were going to make a whole day of it. My sister and I would sit on the dock and read and relax while Sam and my husband Joe would take the boys out to fish.

The night before our outing, the boys were very excited and I had a hard time getting them to go to bed. After several hours of bedtime stories, potty breaks, and trips for water I finally got them settled down.  Exhausted, I knew all I had to do was close my eyes and I’d be fast asleep.

Suddenly I was awoken from a nightmare in which I saw waves that were 15’ high in front of me, so high you couldn’t see over or behind them. I thCAS2ZLJ0was in a boat that was turned on its side with the water slamming into the bottom of it. The kids were in life jackets in the water waving their arms and screaming. The men were no where around. I sat up quickly drenched in sweat and breathing hard.  Terrified.  I looked toward my husband to wake him up but knew he would tell me it was just a bad dream and to go back to sleep. I grabbed my bible off the nightstand and decided to read till I fell back to sleep.

The next morning the kids woke me up all dressed and ready to go.  Joe had awoken early to make the kids breakfast and us coffee. With the kids being so excited, running around gathering all their stuff for this trip, I actually forgot about my horrible dream. We all loaded up into the car to drive over to my sister’s where we would leave to go to the Sound.


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