Peace Be Still : Part 2 of 4

14 May

thCA95K1VWThe water was gorgeous.  Crystal clear, with just a slight breeze to cool us off. The sky was sunny and blue, a perfect boat day. Gini and I decided that instead of relaxing on the dock we would go with the guys on the boat.  We all boarded the boat to head over to a small island to have a picnic and lay out there instead.

 It wasn’t even five minutes after we left the dock when out of nowhere this wind gusted across the sound chopping at the waters as the sky grew dark.  Sam tried to keep us steady but to my dismay this was the dream I had the night before.  It came back to me in a rush of fear, but as quickly as that fear came on me it went away for I knew in my heart that God would protect us. Without a second’s warning this huge angry raging storm was actually upon us. I knew what was ahead.

I knew I couldn’t look at the circumstances or fear would take place in my heart.  The devil would get in my head and say “Ha, what are you going to do now, huh? It’s too late to use scripture, it’s too late to ask for God’s help. There is nothing you can do now but watch your family die. The Word of God is useless to you now.”

Gini was afraid for our lives. She had been overtaken with the immensity of the wind and the devil used that against her. Knowing that we would thCAYAAO68overcome this if I used God’s authority that we possessed, if we believed, I spoke loudly, authoritatively and said, ”Peace Be Still, in Jesus Name!” As quickly as the winds furiously flared up, they stopped. The water returned to its  glassy smooth calm.

I never let the devil’s voice enter my head nor  let the fear of death enter my heart.  I relied solely on God’s Word for His protection, never once doubting that He would save us.  Never letting the devil win!

We made it to the island where we enjoyed a wonderful family outing that the kids still talk about to this day.  No one knew what was planned that day but God and me. He saw that it would never take place. Praise the Lord. I give God all the Glory.


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