Peace Be Still : Part 3 of 4

21 May

Keeping God’s Word in our heart keeps Jesus in our Life

107This miracle from God, that “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” (Ps. 107:20 NKJV) was exactly that – a pure miracle and gave us a profound sense of His divine presence.

When I was born again and new to the things of the Lord, in order to keep Jesus first place in my life, His Word had to be kept before my eyes and in my heart by reading and speaking the scripture. I couldn’t live without the Word as Jesus was my lifesaver. This was God’s way for me to look to Jesus and receive. His Word is God –  it  kept me pointed to Him. It was as though His Word took hold of me.

By meditating on the Word I agreed with it to cover our need.  It framed my life and my family’s.  I used it all the time, everywhere, and always.  It became my “new project” in life – so I dug in full force.  Only this time I was the one surprised, as it never ended, instead it changed my life forever!

I remember reading in Hebrews where it said to “Come BOLDLY into His Throne room of grace in a time of need.”(Heb 4:16)  In prayer I throneentered the “Throne room of His grace” by speaking God’s Word to Him for every possible reason and person we prayed for, knowing in my heart that Jesus was the answer to all these needs. Not fully understanding grace, I innocently tapped into God’s grace…..and did it all the time, believing Him.  His grace flooded us in abundance and spilled over.  I also knew God would answer as He said, His Word will not return to Him void of power (Isaiah 55:11).  If we prayed according to His Word, He would hear us….and if He heard us, we would have the request that we asked for. (1 John 5:14)   We received this as a done deal. These scriptures, including the Prayer of Agreement in  Matt 18:19  were the basis of how we prayed for everything.


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