Prisoners of Hope : Part 2 of 4

11 Jun

Grace gave us some instructions that were given to her by the guards. There was to be NO physical contact with the prisoners. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! We were not to ask them any questions and to stay at least 5 feet away from them at all times.

prison wallFinally we were able to enter the prison walls. The first thing you noticed were yellow nicotine stained walls. The floors were old looking and the glass looked smudged and dirty. The yellow fluorescent lights flickered on and off making it feel dark and cold. All around us you heard hollow sounding loud noises, cells being banged shut, and women yelling. The guards were unfriendly and just looked sad and lonely. A feeling of despair  surrounded you. A depressing sense of death and failure, a sense of never ending doom.

There were about 15 of us and the guards checked our names, IDs and searched us and our belongings before allowing us to enter the auditorium. They took us inside the room a few at a time, and we were told we had to stay in the front left corner at all times. Then they started letting the women in a short while later. They came in two by two dressed in olive green jumpers with sneakers that had no laces.  Escorted in by a guard they were taken to the front to be seated. About one hundred women were in the room with us.

Slowly all the seats were filled and the guards both male and female were lined up on either side of the room just watching and waiting for someone to get out of hand. One very large woman in the front row kept making wise cracks all through the service. She seemed to be the boss, the leader of the group, and all the women would follow her cues.

Those women sat in those chairs hardened off to anything good ever happening to them. Their faces were vacant looking. They were only there to get out of their cells for an hour, anything to pass the time, the dread, the lonely hours. They were just living to get through another day till they died. They had no hope, no love, no Savior.


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