Prisoners of Hope : Part 4 of 4

25 Jun

hugGrace saw one lady crying uncontrollably. She embraced this young woman, knowing she was breaking the rules. She told Grace that she had just returned from her young son’s burial. He had been murdered and the hatred she had for the person responsible had consumed her. She was now living only to find a way to end her life for she had nothing left to live for. Grace held this woman in her arms and cried with her. The guards surrounded them for they didn’t know if this woman had a knife hidden on her but Grace wouldn’t let her go. She prayed with her until God’s compassion and love filled this young mother’s heart and the pain, hurt and hate left her. She would go on and live with the love and compassion of a Savior who forgave her love 2shortcomings and gave her a second chance.

After an hour of music, prayers and miracles it was time to leave Bedford Maximum Prison. Time to leave those once hardened women who had been changed by the power of God. Women who had no hope, no faith, no desire for anything better. Until God showed them, through Grace, that there is a reason for living and that no matter what they did in the past He has forgiven them and they needed to forgive themselves. They needed to open their hearts to Him and receive Him and then they can live the rest of their lives in His honor and glory.

Grace wasn’t there to get those women out of prison physically but to be used as God’s vessel to get those women out of their mental prison. Out of the despair and hopelessness they felt. Grace’s faith was unwavering.  She knew that when she went in there God would change their lives whether they heartwanted it or not. She knew that God would work in His mysterious way as always. She let Him use her to bring hope and healing to the women. Women, who would hopefully go through and spread the love of Jesus to the rest of the prison. We may have left that day but Jesus stayed and would be with those women for the rest of their lives.


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