Signposts Along the Way: Signpost 11 – Part 3 of 3: A Fisher Of Men

19 Sep

Our family had entered the “Charismatic Movement” of the 1980’s and hadn’t even known it. IT WAS ANOTHER WORLD!  Who would, could and should believe this?

During the “Charismatic Movement” the Church became alive by the power of  the Holy Spirit, God’s power on the earth. The results were miracles and healings which impacted and transformed lives. Before the movement, people followed man’s rules which left them “spiritually dead.” These “laws” dictated lives trying to modify behavior, yet without the power of God’s ability – His Holy Spirit (who enable us to do so)  Choosing to believe in our hearts allows the Holy Spirit to work bringing life transformation effortlessly. With this new relationship with Jesus, we become “spiritually alive.”

We carried on effortlessly proclaiming the “Good News” (See Post: He’s Alive). With our enthusiasm, it was impossible not to reveal the “Truth” to others.

Dad’s uncontainable excitement about these powerful events was also very moving. He recruited many of his hunting and fishing friends to attend services that spread between Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. Many of them brought their family members and friends. They must have sensed that something very special was occurring during these gatherings.

Everyone knew dad as a quiet, reserved man of few words. For him to speak so passionately and candidly about his new relationship with Jesus made his testimony contagiously persuasive. They had to see it for themselves. Now, instead of dad going on his normal “fishing” trips, he focused on “fishing” for mens hearts to know God as he did.

Dad’s heart was so softened by God, that he went  out  and bought mom a brand new car. His way of doing things was always different, and at times, a little flamboyant. He filled the entire car’s dashboard with long-stemmed red roses. Hand painting a poster board sign, he placed it on the hood of the car. The sign boldly read:  “Go and Heal the Sick!”  The interpreted message was, “I approve of all that’s going on. Go for it and do it more!”

Then to culminate God’s obvious plan for dad, two years after attending his first service, dad personally gave his heart to the Lord Jesus. Even though dad was steadily professing the Lord’s healing power he had never personally invited Jesus into his heart.

While we were attending another dramatic healing service in New York an invitation to accept Jesus was offered to all by Father Diorio. Dad decided that his heart was open and ready. Dad took his position in a long line of people who were also going to the altar to be saved. While in line, Father DiOrio walked up to each person and personally prayed with them. As he reached dad’s spot in line, Father Diorio stopped and put his hand on dad’s shoulder. As he began to pray, dad immediately fell over and collapsed into the arms of two precautionary ushers. As we learned during our first service (Signpost 10 – Part 2 of 3: Inspect or Accept) this phenomenon was known as “Resting in the Spirit.” This meant that the physical body rests as the Holy Spirit (God’s power on earth) ministers to the needs of that person. Upon arising just a few minutes later, dad didn’t know what happened. Needless to say he was a bit surprised when we later told him. He told us that he never thought anything like that would or could happen to him. He summarized his awakening like this “My body and mind were recharged in a way that I had never felt before.”

Two years before that beautiful night, dad decided to go forward and profess the “Good News” to all that would listen. He later fulfilled his journey by entering into a brand new life with Jesus Christ, his personal Lord and Savior. No other words could describe it. My father had come full circle and was “miraculously transformed.”

Once a selfish man full of bitter resentment and anger, Dad now lived a life charged with joy and gratitude. Placing the Lord first was paramount in everything that he did. Jim, my father, was now a pillar of faith that anyone could measure against. Through the raging storm and rescued into the light, my father had become a true, Fisher of Men.

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