Signposts Along the Way: Signpost 2 – Grandma’s Blessing

18 Jan

A few weeks later, I had the sudden urge to visit to my 80 year old, Italian grandmother. Grandma, who lived with my mom, was from the old country and loved to have visits. She would formally receive us at the dinning room table.  Her glistening white hair braided into a perfect twist. It framed her blushed cheeks and blue eyes. She always dressed with simple elegance wearing her Italian diamond earrings and handmade apron.

Upon this visit, I felt prompted to ask, “Grandma, what is the most important thing you have to tell me in life?” Immediately she stood – all five feet of her! She gracefully lifted both arms up over her head and looked towards the ceiling. Her arms formed a perfect circle and she said these words: “Gesú Cristo é  tutto,” meaning “Jesus Christ is everything!”

All of a sudden something happened!  Her words sparked something within me unlike anything I ever knew. I didn’t move, but something moved me on the inside. Not knowing exactly what just happened that special feeling remained with me. The timing was perfect as I truly needed some help.

Mom never realized that I didn’t know Jesus. I had attended CCD (the Catholic church class that prepared us for our First Communion), but unfortunately what they taught had nothing to do with her Jesus. The one whom she loved and trusted. My mission was set to know him personally. Unbeknownst to me,  He was already arranging the entire episode!

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