Signposts Along the Way: Signpost 3 – Arnie’s Hat

8 Feb

Our pool business constantly received deliveries to sustain inventories and the repair needs of our customers. The influx of new buyers caused us to be busier than ever. As our business grew so did our deliveries. One of our regular delivery drivers named Arnie, pulled into the store one day with his normal load. Only on that day, HE was different. Smiling from ear to ear, full of life, he beckoned my attention. His brilliant red cap shouted, “JESUS LOVES YOU,” above its brim.

“What’s up with the hat?” I inquired. Thrilled to explain his joy, Arnie confessed, “Well, you guys didn’t know this, but I’ve been an alcoholic my whole life. I’d go on binges for days and not even know what happened. This time my family threw me out. While stumbling along the streets, I found myself bumping into some men who were on their way to a “business meeting for men” as they put it. They invited me and I went.”

“They talked about Jesus, and how much He loved me. I laughed, as I was stone drunk. They didn’t. They just took care of me – for days! They called themselves Full Gospel Business Men. They gave me food and a place to sleep – inviting me back to their meetings every night.”

“To my surprise, I went! While I laid there drunk, sprawled on the floor by their chairs, not one man looked down on me or stuck his finger in my face. They only showed me love, concern and compassion. I became overpowered with their love. I finally met their friend, Jesus – I had no choice . He was there waiting for me. His Love captured me.”

“When I gave in, I became sober. I’ve been this way ever since and I’m filled with joy! It’s like a new life. All I want to do is give it away. I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to keep this job being so happy, but I’m not concerned a bit. I know somebody who loves me and will help do all I need to do.”

Arnie invited us to the meetings. I wanted to go badly, but they were only for men. I begged the guys at work to go for me. They did!

They heard stories about Angels, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Not being raised Christian they didn’t know what to make of it. Although they only went once, their stories only made me hungrier.

I started putting a few things together – mom, grandma’s faith, and then our friend Arnie’s new found life. Was Arnie’s Jesus the same Jesus my mom and Grandmother had spoken about? I was starting to believe it was. I was starting to believe that God and Jesus were one in the same.

I believed God saw in our hearts that we were willing to do whatever was necessary to diligently pay off all our creditors. We needed a miracle to keep our business afloat. This is exactly what we got as we made it through our 6th season of business.

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