Signposts Along the Way: Signpost 4 – The End of an Era: Part 1 of 2

15 Feb

The next pool season, our 7th, was on the horizon, but not without troubles. This time it was with the property where the store was located. Due to some tax issues, we were being forced to move our business. This included an entire outdoor pool display (by display I mean, full sized, above and in-ground swimming pools that were setup so that customers could actually swim in the pool that they were buying!) All of this activity was occurring at the end of a freezing, New York winter. If that wasn’t bad enough – we had no where to go!

We needed another miracle. God got me through last season and I believed he would get me through this one as well. As I was laying awake in my bed one night, I reached into my nightstand drawer for a book to read. As I pulled a small paperback from the nightstand, a little card, full of what appeared to be famous quotes, dropped onto the bed. Only these weren’t quotes, they were scriptures. I’m not sure where they came from, or even how they ended up in my drawer, but they appeared at just the right time.

As I read them, each one felt alive and real to me. I took every one to heart. One scripture about faith in God reminded me that Jesus was all that I needed to rely on. Another promised me wisdom and favor, if my attitude and words believed it to be.  Then of course there was “Expect a Miracle” that I still had over my work telephone. Although these new facts hadn’t connected in my mind, they WERE working in my heart.

Using these scriptures as my guide, I believed not only in my heart, but also professed this belief through my words. Starting the next day, my husband and I searched diligently for a new location for our storefront. We didn’t have much time and this move required some serous logistical planning. After days of scouring for a place, he came across a vacant store housed in the middle of a busy strip mall. Although this was not your traditional location for a swimming pool store, something told me that it was right for us. Unfortunately, the price was not!

Holding true to my new found scriptures, I boldly made an appointment with the realtor, Mr. Dodgie, that represented the property. I presented myself in a dark suit, black boots & carrying a black, leather legal brief. I carefully tailored my conversation not to sound arrogant, yet to be forthright with him.

As we met & shook hands, I got right down to business & delivered my terms. “Mr. Dodgie, we have a non-negotiable offer for an unusual proportioned storefront in the center of your client’s shopping center. As your client’s store has been vacant for several years, their losses would be over. We would be more than happy to fill this “10,000 sq. ft., awkwardly pie shaped” storefront while ensuring that our spectacular showroom would draw attention to the shopping center.  The amount offered is not intended as an insult, yet would be the final price offered – as it is the only price that is affordable.”

I couldn’t believe how professional I sounded! Although, I was terribly nervous on the inside, God made sure that I remained calm and poised as Mr. Dodgie howled and laughed in my face.

When he was done, I continued unphased. I suggested then that he bring the proposal to his clients and allow them to look it over.  Embarrassed, Mr. Dodgie composed himself. He excused the offense with, “Of course, I plan to do that. Although I must warn you, I have never heard of such a ludicrous offer and doubt 100% that it will be entertained.” Unmoved, my faith was resolute. What he didn’t know was that I was EXPECTING a miracle.

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