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Amazing Gracie – Epilogue

24 Apr

The glorious part of this kind of ministry, unlike personal faith, is that unbelieving, doubters can come and hang out in the back for a “sneak a peek.” They never expect to be involved, but in turn they are miraculously … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 11 of 11

17 Apr

Grace’s heart was as big a God’s. She was full of Him. Including His humor, joy, giving, loving and inexhaustible energy and strength.

Grace was everything to everyone. She played baseball with the nuns at the convent during picnics, she … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 10 of 11

10 Apr

It was truly an emotional sight. Our own tears flowed uncontrollably. I was sobbing, my makeup was running and I couldn’t stop the tears. Others started to get out of their seats to move forward, but we fixed our eyes … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 9 of 11

20 Mar

Grace saw the crowds swelling. She decided to step out onto the stage a little earlier than usual and started singing, “God of Miracles.” After finishing her song, (she later told us) she realized that her father was in the … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 8 of 11

13 Mar

When the day of the event arrived, Honey, Gini and I proceeded over to the center. We were filled with anticipation to see what God had in store for everyone that wonderful August night.

Upon arriving, we noticed only one … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 7 of 11

6 Mar

Grace always spoke of her estranged father, George. She believed that he would return one day and meet the Lord. Many years before, while Grace was just a girl, he told Grace that he would have nothing to do with … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 6 of 11

20 Feb

There was one evening of worship that stood out and will never be forgotten, ever!  During a service, Grace called anyone with physical disabilities to come for prayer. This was unusual as she was always very specific regarding a “Word … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 5 of 11

13 Feb

Shortly after her “new” found gift was revealed to her, Grace embarked upon a public ministry. We were invited to support her in prayer and attendance. We were ecstatic and invited my dad explaining how we found another Father D’Orio, … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 4 of 11

6 Feb

We soon learned that God apparently did more than visit her on that fateful night. He imparted her with a special gift. Her voice. She would sing like an angel AND when she did, something miraculous would take place…healing. It … Continue Reading

Amazing Gracie – Part 3 of 11

23 Jan

We followed Sarianne back into the house into her large family room. Taking our seats among the sofas and chairs we enjoyed a nice lunch that had already been set out. During lunch, Grace shared her personal testimony with us … Continue Reading