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A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 2 of 4

9 Jul

jesus and boy 3I sat on the edge of the tub in the bathroom with David in my lap bleeding from his lip. As I went to place the fresh ice Joe gave me against his mouth, I asked the Lord to place … Continue Reading

Prisoner of Hope : Part 3 of 4

18 Jun

After all the women were seated the guards signaled to Grace that she could begin. She walked to the front and started to sing in her beautiful voice while Larry played his guitar in the background. She didn’t even introduce … Continue Reading

A Christmas Story: Is Santa Real?

20 Dec

Father Christmas, Chris Kringle, Old Saint Nick, Santa Claus…whatever name you may know him by, this jolly old man has been loved by many throughout the centuries. Born in the 3rd century in what is known today as Turkey, Nicholas Continue Reading

No Hungry Hearts For Christmas – Part 4 of 4

24 Dec

Part 4

The countdown had begun.

Only two days until Christmas and there were still miracles taking place. That morning, while opening my mail, the phone rang.  I answered and was quickly greeted by Sister Marta’s excited voice.

“You’ll … Continue Reading

No Hungry Hearts For Christmas – Part 3 of 4

23 Dec

Part 3…

What was Christmas without the traditional cookies?

I remember my mom and grandma pouring over recipes that they only pulled out during this time of year.

We all had favorites, especially the Italian Biscotti and Sesame cookies.  Special … Continue Reading

No Hungry Hearts For Christmas – Part 2 of 4

21 Dec

Part 2

At nine months pregnant with my second child,  I was a little preoccupied.

Not just with my “condition,” but with the plans we had made to help the kids at St. Michaels.

Due to my unusually large … Continue Reading

No Hungry Hearts For Christmas – Part 1 of 4

20 Dec

Part 1

It was 1977 and another busy New York Christmas was quickly approaching.

As I grabbed my local newspaper to check the weather, the headline grabbed my attention:

“At St. Michaels Home The Holidays Are Bleak.”

I knew … Continue Reading

A Christmas Message from The Honey Bunch!

20 Dec

While our blog doesn’t officially launch until the beginning of the New Year (2012), we wanted to sneak in a little early & share with you a true Christmas story that was our inspiration for the No Hungry Hearts Here Continue Reading