The Little Boy Who Lived And Not Died : Part 2 of 3

16 Apr

We forgot about lunch and followed as closely without speeding to the hospital. We knew exactly where to go as we did a lot of visiting there.  After parking our car and  heading towards the emergency room entrance, we found the ambulance surrounded by a lot of commotion. We decided to gather together there and pray instead of going inside.

It was an extremely cold, damp and windy September afternoon.  We had to huddle together as the wind became strong, almost like a storm.  Several times Christina and I had to hold our long skirts down from being swished away by the gusts.

shoesThe kids never questioned a thing, complained or moved.  We just prayed in Jesus Name.  About an hour went by and we stopped and looked at each other and saw that the ambulance was gone. We could see a police car which was parked behind where the ambulance had been.  Our eyes focused on a tiny pair of wet sneakers and socks on top of the police car.  We gasped and knew it was a child in trouble.  I decided to go inside and investigate.

As I walked through the double glass doors of the hospital I noticed it was fairly empty. Two men were near the reception area. One was an older gentleman with a wool blanket wrapped around his shoulders.  He was pacing back and forth across the floor with a look of devastation on is face. The other younger man was standing closer to me so I approached him and asked, “Sir, are you the person from Vermont?”

He said, “Yes why?”

I explained to him how we were driving home and saw him fly by us on the way to the hospital and we decided to follow them and pray.

“We live in this town and like to pray for people in need.  We have been outside for the last hour praying in the Name of Jesus. We just want you to know that we are outside and will continue to be there praying for you as long as you need us to be.  Please let us know if you need anything at all, we would be glad to help you in any way that you need.”

He looked astounded, replying “This is my uncle walking around in shock.  He was babysitting his grandson as their parents were in Europe.  pool2They live in North Cortland, N.Y. (which was a good forty minutes from the hospital).  He couldn’t find his little boy for quite some time and then located him floating in the in-ground pool.  He hadn’t any signs of life.  This has been several hours now.  We can’t believe this, however I do thank you for your concern.”

That was all that was said.  He never even alluded that he knew who Jesus was, yet I wanted him to remember “Who did it” when the Lord raised the baby up.  I went back to the kids and Honey.  Now it was almost dark and much colder.



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