The Little Boy Who Lived And Not Died : Part 3 of 3

23 Apr

We huddled closer together and kept praying only with more fervency knowing it was a matter of life or death.  We took authority over death and prayed for life in Jesus Name and interceded for a little while.  Approximately fifteen minutes later the younger man that I had spoken to came outside and tapped me on the shoulder to tell us that the little boy raised his arm and started breathing.  They were going to take him into New York City for more care.  He was alive and the man was ecstatic.

praise3We all sighed in  joy with our hearts full of thanksgiving to God as we praised Him and thanked Him, reminding the man that it was Jesus that raised the little boy up.  He must have believed or he wouldn’t have come outside at such a critical time to tell us what transpired.

It wasn’t too much longer after this that we heard from our nurse friend, Amar, inside the hospital who was also a fellow believer.  She used to be a live-in nurse for my grandmother, and usually worked the night shift at the hospital. The Lord saw fit to have her on duty that “day” and where else but in the emergency room. She was also praying and believing that this little boy shall live and not die.  We had agreement in prayer inside of the hospital that day. (Matthew 18:18)

This story revels Jesus’ love and power at work using us to help a family in need.  We followed after love and love brought us directly into God’s will.

We believe it is always Jesus’ desire to deliver and heal through the scriptures. Praying for life and healing is natural for us.   In this doveqsituation, not knowing the circumstances, we prayed in the spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s spirit, the way in which He speaks to us and us to Him. It’s a language that only He understands. The Holy Spirit gives us the words we need when we need them and comforts and supports us through whatever we may be praying for at that moment. When you don’t know the circumstances of a situation, you pray in the spirit and GOD knows exactly what needs to be done, which is His perfect will.

Once we knew what was going on in the hospital with this little boy, our praying became more specific.  We were able to come in agreement, in Jesus Name, that life and healing would flow through this little boy and that God would be given all the glory. (Romans 8:11)

The accident was in the newspaper the next day and it confirmed all the facts that we knew. Only they left out the most important part, Jesus was there doing the miracle.  We gave Jesus all the glory and still do every time we tell the story.  To God be the Glory forevermore.




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