A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 1 of 4

2 Jul

20140701_202253Arnold, our beagle, had just snuggled into our bed one night while my husband Joe and I were falling asleep.  I felt his warm, little body trying to nestle under our covers as he made himself comfortable.   Arnold was just a few years old and the friendliest dog you would ever want to own. It was unusual for him to be in our bed since he usually slept with one of our kids, but we didn’t think anything of it as Joe and I both fell fast asleep.

 The room was pretty dark except for the street lights that tried to glimmer between the curtains. I realized I was being nudged, and thought it was Arnold.  Only it wasn’t, it was my 8 year old son, David, trying to get my attention.  He didn’t have a chance to tell me why he came upstairs to our bedroom.  Arnold didn’t recognize him and lunged at his face ripping into his upper lip with his teeth.  All I saw was blood and heard David screaming.

 Joe realized that David would be badly disfigured if we didn’t act immediately.  As he jumped into his clothing to rush him to the emergency room, we couldn’t contain David’s fear of going.  He was terrified of the thought of getting stitches in his face. I didn’t know what scared David more, the blood pouring from his face or the fear in his heart.  Joe wanted to know why I wasn’t getting dressed to go to the ER and I realized I was still holding David tightly in my arms.

Compassion filled my heart for my son.  At that moment I knew what to do.  I wasn’t taking David anywhere. I said to Joe, “Pleasemomndave2 agree with me that Jesus is going to close this wound and heal David right now.  I’m not planning on leaving this house.”  It was important that I had his full agreement, and even though Joe didn’t fully understand, he trusted me as a Mother.  I asked him to get some ice from the kitchen and I took David to my bathroom where I sat down still holding him in my arms as he continued to bleed profusely from his face. I knew we needed the presence of God and peace in David’s heart.

When Joe returned I asked him not to say another word except to thank the Lord for what He was doing.  Absolutely not another word!  He agreed, and that, was a miracle in itself!




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