A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 2 of 4

9 Jul

jesus and boy 3I sat on the edge of the tub in the bathroom with David in my lap bleeding from his lip. As I went to place the fresh ice Joe gave me against his mouth, I asked the Lord to place it exactly where it needed to go and I would not move it from that spot.  I believed the Lord would close the gap in his lip.  I told David what I was doing and asked him to pray in his heart with me.  I reassured him we were not going to have to go to the hospital for stitches, that Jesus would heal him.  He had to relax and trust God.

I did exactly that, with all my heart I asked the Lord to come, I trusted Him as our Healer and Deliverer as God had sent Jesus to heal my son.  My prayer turned into a song, “You are the Lord that healeth thee, you are the Lord my healer, You sent your Word and healed David, you are the Lord my healer.”

After the first few verses the presence of fear was gone and we were at peace. Joe stood in the doorway of the bathroom in astonishment. I can see him even now, with the hall light shinning behind him casting him into a sillouette, just watching, not saying a word, just listening.

I never could carry a tune and Joe song beautifully, but this song was of the Lord. The room echoed with notes and they were all in tune, filling the room with the presence of God.  The song of the Lord continued from my heart, to David’s heart, to the throne room of God and into Joe’s life as well, becoming one of the times Jesus showed His presence to him.

I loved this song, it was real and full of life.  I was holding my son so close and he was so full of belief as my heart was pouring out into him.  He was warm and cuddly, and I held him tighter and tighter with one arm while the other arm held the ice against his lips.  It was such an awkward position and yet so peaceful, it had to be the Lord who held him.

As my love poured out towards David, my heart poured out to my Lord. The combination of this love was overwhelming, all encompassing.  I became caught up into a rapture of melody, trust and peace that it seemed as though it went on forever and I forgot where I was and why I was there. I heard the singing when the echo sang back to me as I was on the next verse.

Joe was still watching from the doorway, so I knew in my heart that I must stay in the Spirit and not think of anyone’s doubt, therehealeth2 was no room for it here.  The praises to God’s throne had to rise above everything, I had to stay focused on Him.  My son lay in my arms trusting Jesus and the praises of God to remove the hurts, fears, burdens and also the horrible ragged tear that tried to disfigure him across his mouth.  We both had confidence that Jesus had healed him.

After what seemed like several hours, but in reality was only two, we went back to our bed.  I still held David in my arms so Joe went and got fresh ice for David’s lip. Then all three of us climbed into bed.  Joe and David fell asleep, but I lay there resting and praying in tongues, in thanksgiving so forever grateful to my Lord for being so real as He came to our aid healing our son.



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