A Boy A Song and A Miracle : Part 4 of 4

23 Jul

medI decided at that moment we should go to the Medical Group and show Dr. Cat what Jesus did for David. I had never even given it a thought that a doctor should know about a dog bite, I was just excited to show him how God had healed my son.   Because of my joy and trust, David and Joe also had the same excitement as we went only to brag on Jesus!

Dr. Cat had been our pediatrician since forever.  All my kids, and even my sister Gini’s son, went to see him.  When David was born I remember Dr. Cat carrying him to be weighed, when he tenderly held him up to his face and gently kissed him.  He was a special doctor and had to hear special things to keep his hopes up and know there is a God and Jesus is our Healer!

The nurses thought it was an emergency because I was so excited and they let us in right away.  When I told Dr. Cat what happened and he saw David’s mouth, he looked at him in astonishment. He then looked at Joe and I, and since he knew us so well he believed we were telling the truth.

He said, “I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s as though you had a specialist do surgery on David’s face because it is total perfection. Tell me again what happened.”

He couldn’t get over that not only was his face totally and perfectly put back in place, but there wasn’t swelling inside or outside of his mouth. Hedavid wanted to attribute the ice as having a lot to do with it, but he accepted the fact that David was miraculously healed from this wound to his mouth.

Dr. Cat’s faith level rose and I know in my heart it allowed his love and faith to work for others. The doctor was beaming and he was refreshed in his spirit seeing a miracle of God for himself.   A tiny scar remains above David’s lip, which the doctor said could not have been smaller if it were surgically done.  This serves as a reminder that the true Surgeon had been there and had healed all his wounds as the song to the Lord became true, as He was the Lord our Healer!


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