The Miracle on the Patio: Part 4 of 6

5 Mar

clean3We continued to praise God all day long, until evening came. The rest of our family still had not returned from their fishing trip. The kids just watched us and behaved so well we didn’t even notice them. We praised God while we did our normal daily routine with ease!

Several times during this period, strange things would try to happen to Honey. Once her ear lobe had a horrible pain in it! “Really, the ear lobe, we thought to ourselves…what is this tying to do?”

She spoke to her ear with such a force of God’s Word, I think her ear lobe got scared. The pain left. It tried to happen again and again, only now in other odd places in her body.

But never was there a manifestation of pain in her back or any place near where she was supposedly injured.

With each and every manifestation of pain that would try to attack her she would simply say, “No you don’t, at 1:20 PM today I was healed and I am staying healed by the stripes that wounded Jesus, in Jesus Name.”

This pain tried to harass her on and off all day and for the following two weeks.  Honey later went to see a doctor friend, for him to drcheck her back and make a medical assessment of what happened.  He confirmed that her back was perfect, without a trace of injury. He was  delighted as he believed her story and gave God all the Glory.


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