Signposts Along the Way: Signpost 8 – Part 4 of 4: The Invitation

27 Jun

Embracing the offer to pray with them, I joined in their family prayer led by Rochelle’s husband, Dr. Bob. We all gathered around Rochelle and held hands. With our eyes closed, Dr. Bob began to pray.  He spoke with such honesty & passion as though someone was really listening to him. I let my ears absorb each word as he effortlessly delivered his devotion. Curiosity stirred in me as they ended their faithful and grateful prayer with, “In the Name of Jesus and Praise the Lord!”

It seemed as though something beautiful had filled the air. Never having heard this expression before those words jumped out at me. I asked Dr. Bob what “Praise the Lord” meant. My interest obviously opened a door. Dr. Bob graciously explained that “Praise the Lord” meant how they extolled thanksgiving and praise to the Lord Jesus for being with them, hearing them and answering their prayers.

As the doctor spoke, his words filled a void in me. I hung onto every one of them. He continued answering all my questions as he recognized my hunger. Then to my surprise, he invited me to see Jesus’ healing power at a charismatic service held in a nearby state. If my eyes could only speak! I was wowed to hear that such a service existed so close by. Without a moment’s hesitation I accepted his offer. Excitement and anticipation engulfed me beyond words.

How extraordinary it was that through such unpleasant circumstances, I had experienced such unbridled love and kindness. These were Christians that truly practiced what they preached.

Then it hit me. That special “thing” about Rochelle that I couldn’t put my finger on. It was so obvious now. Rochelle embodied that love. She lived in that love. It was God’s love and it permeated from her every pore. It was amazing and I was forever impressed by it.

I would later realize that Rochelle and her family served as a witness to Jesus’ amazing love. Their awesome awareness and thanksgiving of His presence amongst them made Him become real to me. As this gift of “love” found its new home in my heart, I started to understand that Jesus is the center of life.


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